Our Services

Time-Tell is one of Nigeria’s leading business organizations with a major presence across diverse sectors including Consumer Products, Corporate Services, and Fashion. Over the years, time-tell has made a significant contribution to the country’s economy and inspired the trust of millions of Nigerians as a provider of quality goods at affordable prices led by a highly qualified and globally experienced senior management team.

Our current clientele base mainly from the B2B segment, includes leading multinational and indigenous companies within Nigeria as well as neighboring countries. It has today grown into a professional power-house where we offer cutting edge solutions as outlined below:


Time-Tell Retail, Wholesale & Distribution team helps companies identify, understand, and respond to changing trends, business models, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving Retail landscape. Our global, integrated team brings innovative solutions to solve complex Retail challenges. We focus on driving business growth and work collaboratively with clients to ensure performance improvements are delivered, developing and implementing strategies to achieve profitable growth.


At Time-tell, we pride ourselves on the vast experience we have accumulated in providing shopfitting and shop equipment services to a diverse range of clients. We have been privileged to work with an array of businesses ranging from non-food, supermarket and convenience stores,Telecoms,Finance Houses and showrooms. Our skills and expertise coupled with our commitment to customer relationships underlines why we are one of Nigeria’s top shopfitters and enables us to manage any project, no matter its size, scale or complexity.


Our years of experience in Vehicle Branding has led us to develop a clear and simple process to achieve the branding you want on your vehicles. We Turn your vehicle into a cost-effective moving billboard! Time-Tell’s Vehicle Branding team produce premium quality, high resolution graphics which will deliver your business excellent marketing impact and increase your brand awareness.



Interactive kiosks, counters and workstations are the perfect supplement to any trade show exhibit. Counters serve as the ideal space for demonstrating products, showcasing promotional items, as welcome centers, or as podiums for featured speakers. Kiosks can add an interactive aspect to your booth. Incorporating touchscreen monitors into your kiosk design gives your guests a space to learn more about your business and products without saying a word. Integrating any or all of these pieces into your trade show exhibit will give you unique, effective presentation solutions from show to show.

At Time-Tell, we will craft the perfect custom piece to add that extra dimension to your booth. Using high-quality materials and the latest technology, our team can engineer unique kiosks, counters and workstations to fit your specific needs. A custom kiosk or counter design will give you the exact functionality you need to create an interactive element for your next trade show. By utilizing a kiosk or workstation in your space, your client can navigate through a presentation easily and learn all about your business, product or services. Products can be directly ordered from your website from a kiosk in your booth. Customers can sign-up for notifications, newsletters, or other information about your company’s product all without leaving your space!

The addition of one of our designs to your lobby or conference room will enable your clients to educate themselves on what your business has to offer. Interactive kiosks work well as presentation pieces, too! Customizing a kiosk or workstation to fit into your office décor gives you a selling tool that can be utilized over and over again.